absurd laws

If you decide to spend your holidays in Barcelona, please be aware you cannot walk in the street in swimming trousers or bikini; you could be fined between € 120 and € 150…

Inhabitants or tourists in Mojacar are not allowed to play the domino game on the terraces, this is supposed to be acoustic disturbance, there is no rule however against setting of fireworks!!

There are many absurd laws and rules, I will mention some that I found on internet, although I cannot guarantee these laws are all still valid:

  • In France it seems to be forbidden to name a pig “Napoleon”. The origin of this lawnapoleon (as is the case with most laws) can be found in a very specific historic moment; you will probably think that I’m talking about the period emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was in power, and that naming a pig Napoleon was considered an insult for the emperor, but this is not the case. It seems this law was approved after publication of the book written by George OrwellAnimal Farm“. In this book the pig that represented the terror of communism was called “Napoleon”
  • It is against the law to die in the english “House of parliament.” This is a recent law, approved in 2007. The reason behind this law is that anyone who has the bad taste to die in the English parliament is entitled to a State funeral, and this law was approved solely to avoid this to happen. This means that if you have the bad luck to die just there, you can count with a first class state funeral, but at the same time you can be fined for violating this law.
  • In my hometown Genemuiden (Holland)  since 1869 – 150 years before this became genemuiden achterweg met hooibergen 1966 [640x480]almost normal everywhere – it was forbidden to smoke in a certain street. This street “The Achterweg” was filled with haystacks and in 1869 a big fire left a big part of the town in ruins.
  • In England it’s illegal to operate a cow or steam engine while intoxicated… The offence is punishable with a fine and/or imprisonment of up to one month! This law dates from 1872 and says it’s an offence to “be in charge” of steam engines, horses, carriages and cows whilst on a public highway.
  • In Alabama, it’s illegal to wear a funny fake mustache to church. So if you’re a God-fearing man, don’t wear a fake mustache to church, and above all, don’t wear one that’s funny.download (5)


More absurd laws next time…

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