What would have happened if… (COVID) | 2

So, it’s november 2019, our friend never got infected and just went on with his life. Just as everybody else. We will never know that we just escaped a pandemic such as the world has not known for more than 100 years (spanish flu).

At the moment I am writing this it’s april 2021, more than 3.000.000 people have died of coronavirus. Most countries in the world have gone through really serious lockdown with really serious economical consecuences.

 But apart from these economical consecuences, just imagine those 3.000.000 people who have died. Their families often have not been able to say goodbye, they often could not bury them. Every single one of those dead people represents a tragedy.

But let’s take this a bit further.

Just imagine these 3.000.000, it is quite possible that one of these would have been a great scientist, or any of these 3.000.000 could have had children who in the future would have been great scientists who would have changed the world…

Obviously also one of these 3.000.000 could in the future have been a mass murderer, or a second Adolf Hitler.

We’ll just never know…

I saw this myself | march 2020 | next to my own house

There may be some positive consecuences though. At least here in Spain during the lock down we have been able to see things we had not seen in decades. Animals which many thought extinct wandering in the streets, we’ve seen images of swines, bears, raccoons, monkeys, all kind of animals which have been living hiding from human beings (probably pangolins as well).

We should have learned a lesson from this, but alas, as soon as the lockdown is over people only seem to think in getting back to “normal” again as quick as possible.

Another of the more serious consecuences of the pandemic also is that Donald Trump lost the elections in the United States. I believe most of us know that without the pandemic he probably would have won, and we will never know what the world would have looked like with another four years of Donald Trump!!!

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