About us

The roots of our office can be found in Pedreguer, where more than 60 years ago the Driving school “Autoescuela Mengual” was founded by José Mengual Sirerol – who at that time was a very well known personality in the area. From this driving school surged the administration office ASESORIA MENGUAL, under the leadership of Vicente Mengual.

When Vicente Mengual died suddenly in 1997, his widow Annemarie Bakker took over the management of the firm.

Shortly after she became aware that the office had to adapt itself to the latest social and technological developments, and she decided to study law in the UNED national university.

Also at the same time she met her actual partner Roberto Roselló, a real estate agent with many years of experience in real estate marketing. They realized that both professions complemented perfectly, and they decided to start a new venture. They moved to Denia and opened a new office in a new location.

“Realtors Associated” is the real estate marketing part of this venture, and “Dianiumlex” covers the legal part, offering both legal assistance with selling and purchasing a property in Spain as well as other legal services which involve property, civil law and personal taxes.

You can visit our webpages: www.dianiumlex.com  and www.deniacasas.es

Obviously you can always contact us by email: info@dianiumlex.com or info@deniacasas.es .

Feel free to contact us and make an appointment, coffee is ready!